Blue Drop

Clean Water
To many companies and institutions clean water is more important than most other resources. Our innovative technology of electro-activated water will provide clean and almost germ-free water for multiple economical uses. Electro-activated water eliminates 99% of all known bacteria, viruses and fungi within a feseconds and is made only out of salt, water and electricity.




Healthier animals through cleaner water
Electro-activated water reduces extremely the disease susceptibility of animals. The result is: more resilient and therefore livelier animals.
Your cows will yield more milk and the breeding animals will have less miscarriages and show better breeding results. Animals ready for slaughter will put on weight more quickly, for the food is used more efficiently by the much healthier animals.
The goods that you will get out of this will be of very high quality and this will bring you much more profit on the market.

Better harvests through protection from diseases
Electro-activated water will reduce your need for medication by up to 50 %. By moistening your plants diseases such as Botrytis or mildew, for example, can be defeated. If the seeds are treated with this water they start to sprout earlier and grow faster in a shorter time.
The tools and sheds used will be cleansed thoroughly and a new growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs will be effectively delayed. Even the fertility of the soil will be improved immensely.

Hotel und Restaurants:


Defeating legionella
The biggest problem for hotels or providers of accommodation is the pollution of their water circles with legionella. They embed and spread with greatest pleasure and demand a higher use of disinfectants every year.

Water that has been activated by one of our devices eliminates effectively all bacteria
- especially legionella – and also viruses, fungi, germs and other microorganisms.

And there are even more advantages of electro-activated water:
Gardens that have been watered with this water look more alive. The colours are brighter, flowers and grass are healthier and more resilient and create a much more enjoyable atmosphere.

And most important:
Since you won’t need to heat the water too much – 60° Celsius is enough – in order to eliminate legionella consequently you will not only have healthier water but also save a lot of money.



Better quality through cleanliness
Especially in the food processing industry cleanliness is the first commandment. It makes your company succeed or fail. 

Here our new technology is at its best.
Since it is fed in at the first step of the production process the danger of contamination is almost zero. It can be used continuously and does not need any additional disinfectants. It eliminates effectively all parasites of food and beverages in the wrapping as well as in the tools used. And imagine, it needs less than 5 minutes and does not harm steel or elastomers.
The waste water will not be polluted because of its ph-adjustment, both the CSB- and AOX-figure will be better without any sterilisation of hot water being necessary.
Production of Trihalogenmethanes (THM) will be avoided for the pre-existing substances will already be eliminated completely.
With all this the costs of usage are very low without altering your product neither in a sensorial nor a chemical or physical way.