Stationary and mobile water extraction with the new developed     "HYBRID CONDENSATION TECHNOLOGY‘‘ process yields 150 m³ usable water per day 150.000 Liter per day

German Technology to help the world
Winner of the industrial award at the International Hannover Fair 2015
Whether in industrial facilites, in hospitals, in high-rise buildings, on Islands, in muncipial districts or on other places where frech water is needed the "HYBRID condensation plant" can be extended at will at any time and can be used anywhere. Due to the use of heat from existing cooling circuit and exhaust gas, purfied water can be produced with minimum energy consumption. If no source of energy is available, the plant can be optionally operate with solar energy. Using the "HYBRID condensation plant", seawater can be sufficently processed to enable ist use as potable water or even process water for industry.



patented process enables the extraction of high-quality potable water from seawater. This unique technology is extremely energy-efficient and can be implemented as a stationary or mobile facility.



Description of the functions and properties of the plants:

1.    The treatment or desalination of different types of water inflow –from low saltwater to highly saline water till drilled underground water and waste water
2.    The production of different types of water – from potable to ultra pure water, independently of the existing water quality and the operatingplace
3.    The treatment or desalination of the water is comparable with the natural circle of rainwater and can also be used for irrigation and the industrial process.
4.    Operation with variable voltages and frequency is possible.
5.    Can be operated as a self-sufficient system on mobile deployment platforms
6.    Compact design in an insulated container and extremely economical energy consumption
7.    World-wide use in regions with widely different air and water temperatures 
8.    Low-maintenance and fully automatic operation, including online monitoring and control

Technical Data WT 150:
Produced water:                           150 m³/d                  150.000 liter per day
Power consumption:                     1 kWh/m³
Dimension in m:                            6 x 12 x 3
Made in:                                        Germany 

Seawater:                                     78 m³/h with 30 °C
Permissible grain size:                 0,3 mm
Watertemp. (wasted heat):           min of 140 °C 
Air:                                                normal air pressure
Temperature:                                ambient temperature 
Electrical power:                           6,25 kW

Waste water / drilled water:
Innovative extraction of water from municipal wastewater by using renewable energy sources
1. Economic conditions: 
Countries realizing salvaging the availability of water is an increasing importance. This resource determines future social developments fundamentally. The value of water has already exceeded the value of oil over 4 times. At the current time, future-oriented people in the administrations of different countries are working hard to find technical solutions for the conditions of each country.
2. Progress of the technology: 
Today, the standard technologies are large-scale seawater desalination plants. These use different forms of energy to the fast evaporation of saline water. Similar to the famous salt mines since centuries. Salt will remain at the end. This is often disposed of at the beach or in the sea. After years of use the enviroment becomes damaged, caused by salinization of nature. So far, rarely other water resources for recovery of water are considered. Large amounts of water are required to hold municipal waste disposal systems for contaminated water and feces in operation. This water is currently lost in large quantities, because the recovery, so far, of this disposal concept is too little to be considered. In recent years, the use of technologies for renewable energy and the environment has a social recognition. The market is growing. Political conditions promote the further development of such technologies.


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