Self-sufficient thermal water hybrid condensation plant
Without the construction of expensive infrastructure and only with the energy of the sun, our system produces first distilled and then potable water out of seawater. This purely thermal process does not require any chemistry or a separate electricity network. The required energy is self-produced and is included in the scope of supplies.

A new way to make seawater drinkable

The natural circulation is imitated. The continuous movement of water through the physical processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation  is imitated in our plant. 

Saltwater-resistant condensation heat exchangers cool, with the aid of seawater, air as hot as 70°C and 100% relative humidity down to 50 ° C, condense 0.3 m³ of water per hour of sunshine.
The seawater that is heated up by means of heat recovery is afterwards post-heated solar thermal in a foil heat exchanger. 
At about 72 ° C, this sea water is then sprayed into the air washer. 


 a)      water production of 0.3 m³ per solar hour
     b)      300m² space requirement per plant
     c)      20 m maximum distance to the point of withdrawal of the water to be desalinated
              (via a water
     d)      Only a coarse filter for cleaning the sea water is necessary
     e)      In individual cases a water analysis is required

Through the solar thermic heating of saltwater up to 70°C lime percipitation and gypsum     formation can occur. Since the foil heat exchangers are flexible, they can be mechanically freed from the possibly occurring gypsum. Even in case of less or no direct sunlight, the system works. The production volume is then significantlyl lower.  The surfaces of the foil heat exchangers must always be kept clean to ensure direct exposure to the sun. Sand blurs are possible.